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Latest Projects

Below are some of the projects I have been working on with a brief description of the techniques used and the final results. Some are large projects carried out over a series of months, whilst others are projects completed in an afternoon.

If you have a project in mind, I would love to hear from you to see if we can work together.

Creating a user-counter web component with customisation

Creating a user-counter web component with customisation


You don't need a full framework when you just need a small dynamic component on your web page.


In this project, my client needed a counter to show how many people were online.

Rather than load a 30KB library or framework, we opted for a native web-component.

Web components are elements that are written directly in Javascript and are supported by all modern browsers.

The component had the option to assign title, color, icon and counter to its structure, and you could update the counter at any time using setAttribute from a JS function.

When the counter is updated, a small animation starts that counts from 0 to the indicated number.

The total weight of the file was 3KB without having to add React's 30KB or Vue's 20KB.

For simple elements, a native WebComponent can be a good option that will help you optimize the loading time of your web page.